Big Game Rental Homes Renter’s FAQ

1. What are The Big Game LII rental dates?

The date of the game is February 4, 2018, rentals should be available beginning February 2, 2018 through February 5, 2018. Longer terms may be negotiated between homeowners and renters. The Flat Rate on the Home Profile should be for the standard rental term. Daily rates should be applied for terms beginning prior to February 2, 2018 and beyond February 5, 2018.

2. Who rents these homes?

Corporations, Sport Promotional Event companies and those attending the Big Game.

3. What kind of homes are available on the site?

Single Family Homes, Town Homes, and Condominium’s (the association rules must permit the short-term rental of units).

4. What is the process to get my home posted?

Complete the Renter Profile information form, indicate the property of interest, email query to or We will get answers to questions and facilitate the all the paperwork for your rental.

5. Will Homeowner know who is renting their home? 

The seller will be provided with a renter/corporate profile. Background checks are required for all rentals, a vendor is available for a fee. They also verify seller owns the property.

6. How are rental rates determined? 

The suggested formula is $1000.00 per bedroom with an additional $1000.00 for an executive level home, and an additional $1000.00 for luxury amenities. Example: A 6-bedroom home with 5 bath rooms, within 10 miles, at executive level could rent for as such as $7,000.00 to $12,000.00 for the event. Homeowners set the rental rate as they desire.

7. What furnishings should I expect?

Homes must be fully furnished with standard household items. Full-size or larger beds are generally preferred, beds should be made and have clean linens with extra sheets, blankets and towels available. Closets should have a little space with hangers available in each closet for guests as well as one empty drawer in each bedroom. Refrigerators, range, microwaves and freezer should be clean.  Homeowner should provide clearly stated direction of the operation of TV’s, DVD’s, AV equipment, thermostats as well as other systems in the home. They will leave 2 sets of keys, and garage door openers and vacating instructions

8. Payment terms?

50% of the rental is due upon signing of the lease agreement. Pet deposits may be added to your agreement, if applicable. The balance of 50% is due January 4, 2018 to the homeowner.

9. What is our fee?

The renter pays our fee and it is payable at the signing of the lease. The renter is charged $1000.00 per home or 7% of the total rental fee, whichever is greater. Should the renter pay that fee to you, over and above the rental fee, that is payable to us. Please review the Broker Agreement.

10. What about damage to the home?

In general, the lease agreement places liability on the renter. Homeowners are encouraged to obtain an endorsement for the rental of the home.

11. Are there vacating procedures?

Leave keys and garage openers on the kitchen counter, turn off all lights and appliances, lock all doors and contact homeowner to let them know you are leaving the home. The home should look as it was delivered to lessee.